ABC’s of Me

Hello everyone, I’m writing a post about the things I like and dislike using the alphabet.

A  is the first letter of the alphabet.

B is for my bike. It’s a silver BMX.

C is for Cheetos which are delicious.

D is for Dirt3. It’s a great game.

E is for Epicness. I have lots of it!!!

F is for food. Without it I will starve.

G is for outdoor games like basketball.

H is for hover boards in movies.

I is for Isofunny it’s a good book.

J is for Jokes I laugh at them.

K is for kindness. I’m full of it.

L is for Lego. I would die without it.

M is for MLGness. I’m mostly made of it.

N is for Nickelodeon. I watch it sometimes.

O is for oranges. I eat tons of them.

P is for pears. Pears are tasty

Q is for Quests. I take quests in my video games.

R is for red it is my favourite colour.

S is for scootering. It is my favourite thing to ride on.

T is for Tests. I hate them.

U is for Uncles. I have some some are funny and some give me gifts.

V is for Violet. It is my second favourite colour

W is for Water. I love to swim in it.

X is for X man he is cool.

Y is for Yam. It is tasty too.

Z is for Zombies. I hate those.