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Hello everyone,

It’s me again today I’m going to tell you about BMX racing. BMX racing is a sport that lots of people have heard of and it is really fun. I do it myself and personally it’s really fun.

Every end of the year you get a big huge trophy and I have a 3rd place trophy in my room. Along with all my other 3rd place trophies in my room.I also have a lot of certificates in my room from BMX racing.

The gear you need is a full face helmet, a BMX bike, a chest protector, a neck brace, gloves, and a membership card. I am in BMX Canada.

The protection is critical when it comes to BMX racing. There can be bad crashes. Once someone broke their knee! And I am glad that that person wasn’t me.

There are many bikes to chose from: Redlines to Agents to all kinds of bikes for racing. There are also many, many teams from just a simple jersey to an actual team like Doublecross to Diablos racing and many, many more.

BMX racing isn’t just about winning, it’s about enjoying the ride/race and getting outside more. Also you actually get stronger than you think when riding your BMX bike to the finish line a.k.a the yellow stripe.

BMX racing is also an Olympic sport so you know that it is really fun. I know that because I saw it on the Olympics.

I think I will do more BMX racing in my time. There are also practices on Thursday or Wednesday and races on Saturday in the morning. I get tired while I ride so I get treats after the first two races, and then a hotdog and Freezie and a Gatorade after the finals.

So I hope you all like this post about BMX racing. Do you BMX or ride a bike

Sincerely, Connel  Save


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  1. Hi Connel

    Thanks for the information on BMX Racing. Wow! You know a lot about it.

    Will you try to do it next year?


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